The fees vary, according to size of canvas and complexity of the scene/image to be painted.

All sizes below are approximate and can be adjusted (taking into consideration hanging site of the painting, compositional needs, etc.).  If you have an antique frame you would like to use, the painting can be made to fit.


                 Small                 9 x 12                     $   650 - $   800

                                        11 x 14                     $1,200 - $1,500

                                        12 x 16                     $1,400 - $1,800

                Medium           16 x 20                     $1,600 - $2,000

                                        18 x 24                     $1,800 - $2,200

                                        20 x 24                     $2,000 - $2,400

                Large               24 x 30                     $2,500 - $3,000

                                        24 x 36                     $3,000 - $3,500

                                        28 x 40                     $3,500 - $3,800                      

                Larger                                                  Negotiable price     


A deposit of 1/2 the total is required before commencing a painting. The remainder is due upon acceptable completion of the work. The prices above do not include sales tax, framing, or shipping expenses.

All paintings are executed using the finest quality oil paints and linen canvas, unless otherwise requested.

The artist can provide assistance with high quality framing.




An initial conversation is held to discuss the general expectations of the painting (practical and aesthetic). When the client decides on the composition (usually confirmed by photographs), I proceed with the painting and finish it within a time frame acceptable to the client.

Upon completion, the final payment for the painting is due, including any additional expenses, if applicable (ie. shipping).